LOL - Statement of Faith

The women of Lighthouse Christian Church believe we have been called into a covenant relationship with God.  Those entering into a covenant relationship with God pledge themselves to Him and He to them in total agreement. In a covenant relationship -




Call us by a name that indicates our role in His Kingdom

·       example -- Genesis 17:5 - 8 the renaming of Abraham

Assign us territory or a sphere of influence

·       example -- Genesis 15:18-21 God's covenant territory assigned to Abraham

Provide the resources or anointing to carry out our responsibilities in the Kingdom

·       example -- Genesis 21:1-5 the birth of Isaac




Act in faith to align our actions with our covenant

·       example -- Hebrews 11:9 Abraham acted in faith to occupy his covenant territory

Have faith that God will provide and then draw on those resources

·       example -- Genesis 22:13 Abraham prepared to sacrifice knowing God would raise his son from the dead

Draw close to God

·       example -- James 2:23 Abraham was called a friend of God




LOL is a beautiful covenant name indicating both His love for us and  the humor of our heavenly Father.  There are three roles for the women's ministries defined by this name -


(1)   LOL : Laugh Out Loud (upward).  He has called us to take joy in worshiping the Lord together. All of our events will include an element of corporate worship.  We will also incorporate activities that will enrich our worship and bring it to a higher level.


(2)   LOL: Ladies of Lighthouse (inward). He has called us to minister to the women of our church to help them grow in their faith, meet their needs for fellowship and support the development of their gifts.


(3)   LOL: Ladies of the Lord (outward). - He has called us to outreach to to the women of our community to bring more women to know the Lord Jesus Christ.  Godly women will influence their husbands and raise children to the honor of the Lord.


God has assigned us the community of Merritt Island first, Brevard County next and finally Florida our state. 


Based on this covenant we have developed the following activities -


(1)   Fall retreats and spring conferences both provide an opportunity to minister to one another, reach out to women in our community, worship corporately, bring our worship to a new level and draw aside to be closer to the Lord.


(2)   Ladies luncheons provide an opportunity of worship and fellowship for the women of LCC and of the community.  


(3)   In LOL small group studies the women of our church not only delve more deeply into God's word but also are prepared to act on what we have learned.  We spend time worshiping together and our worship is enriched as we draw closer to God.


(4)   LOL has recently purchased a tent that will be used for outreach as a “prayer and ministry station” at events in the community.  The women of LCC will staff this tent on a volunteer basis and serve as prayer warriors and intercessors for people who approach us for healing and other prayer needs.


(5)   To date LOL has supported outreach mission activities on a case by case basis.  LOL will be seeking the Lord's guidance about which mission outreach is in alignment with our covenant and should be sponsored on a regular basis.