LCC Statement of Faith for Children

God- God is the creator of the universe and is in charge of it. He has always lived, even before time, and has three identities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is God in heaven, Jesus is His Son who died for us on the cross, and the Holy Spirit is who comes to live in us once we surrender our lives back to Him.

Humans- God created us in the image of Himself so that we can be like Him in character. God made us to rule and take care of the earth. Although we are created to hear God and obey Him, when we think about ourselves and do what we want more than listening to God, that is sin. This sin separates us from God.

Eternity- God created us to live forever after we die here on earth. We will either live with God in heaven because we have been saved or we will live without God separated from Him forever. Being separated from God forever is called living in hell. When we have been saved and live with God forever we have eternal life. Heaven and hell are places that exist forever.

Jesus Christ- Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and is equal with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ birth was a miracle because his mother was a virgin. He always listened to His Father so he never sinned his whole life. Because He was perfect he was able to give up His life and die on the cross in place of us so that we are able to be with Him forever. He rose from the dead in three days to show us he has all power over sin and death. He rose up to heaven and will someday return to earth to reign as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Being Saved- Salvation is a gift of God to humanity. Because we are born separated from God we need to be saved in order to be with God forever. We can never make up for our sin by doing good deeds or by self-improvement. The only way to be with God forever is to trust in Jesus as God’s gift of forgiveness. Our eternal life begins the minute we believe in our heart that Jesus is the Son of God, and that he came here to die so that God could forgive our sins. When we believe this we need to be baptized in water. Our new eternal life is good for our spirit, soul and body. It changes us so that we are more like Jesus. And our new life makes us look different to our friends and family because we are changed inside (because the Holy Spirit begins to live in us) and start doing things God’s way.

Eternal Security- Once we become saved through faith in Jesus, God promises we will go to heaven with Him. God Himself watches over us and reminds us to do things His way through the Holy Spirit. He loves us so much that when we make mistakes he corrects us. When that happens we just need to tell Him we are sorry and ask Him to help us do it His way next time.

Satan- Our enemy, Satan, is real. He is a liar and tries to trick mankind so that we do not hear God clearly. God already decided Satan will end up in the lake of fire. The Holy Spirit- The Holy Spirit is equal with the Father and the Son, Jesus. He lives in the world to make mankind aware of our need for Jesus Christ. He also lives inside every Christian from the moment of salvation. He gives us power for living, understanding of spiritual truth, and guidance in doing what is right. The Holy Spirit also gives us spiritual gifts to help us encourage one another and learn more about God.

The Bible- The Bible is God’s word to all people. It was written by men who listened to God and then wrote down what they learned. The Bible is the greatest source of truth to guide us in our faith and how we live each day. Because the Bible comes from God there are no mistakes in it.

The Church- The church, which is also known as the body of Christ, is made up of everyone who receives Jesus Christ into their life, by faith, as Lord and Savior. Jesus is the leader of the church.